Raw Coverage" is a photography commission by Another magazine to document several fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and London.


Images of ruthlessly distorted spaces and subjects disorient the viewer towards the place of unfamiliar, ethereal realm. Photographs are taken through various means such as high performance telephoto lenses, playful lighting, particular technologies (for e.g. LCD monitor) and reflective surfaces. This very limited realization of post-production becomes core in creating “photographic hallucinations”.


Photographs direct the viewer’s eyes to otherwise unnoticeable fragments, such as a single patch of garment, or to the view of audience reflected in one of many corner cameras. They reflect the feeling which accompanies a fashion show and thus carries a strong emotional force of being within-environment. A fashion photograph is no longer a mere documentation of the factual moment which engraves the fleeting trace of a fashion show. The raw effect of photographic hallucinating offers the viewer to acknowledge and emotionally experience Quentin De Wispelaere’s extreme sensitivity to surroundings, whether it is light, sound or their complete absence.